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I use ultrasound to visualize superficial structures of the body i.e. tendon, ligaments, nerves, and muscles.  It is a very effective tool in diagnosing bursitis, tendinitis, tendinopathies, ligament and muscle injuries.  There is no radiation involved and it is non-invasive.  I can give patients real time information which can eliminate unnecessary imaging (i.e. MRI, CT).


Injections traditionally are given by landmark or without image guidance.  According to research, the accuracy of the placement varies between 25-90% depending on the target and the experience of the practitioner.


Under ultrasound, I can deliver injections accurately and quickly without any guessing.    In my clinic, you are laying down on the table for comfort.  Once I see the target I clean the skin, numb the skin, and then place the needle accurately into the target.

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