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What is an EMG?

An EMG is a two part test consisting of a nerve conduction study (NCS) followed by an electromyogram (EMG).  The purpose of the study is to check the health of the large nerves and muscles.

What are common conditions diagnosed with EMG?

Carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, radiculopathies, and peripheral neuropathies.

How long does the test last?

Each limb takes me about 30 minutes to perform.

How can you prepare for the test?

The test is commonly performed on one or two limbs.  If you have arm pain, it’s best if you come dressed in a short sleeve or tank top.  If you have back or leg symptoms, please come with a pair of shorts.  Lastly, please make sure avoid wearing lotions or creams on the day of the test.  These substances sometimes affect how the study is performed.

Does it hurt?

During the nerve conduction, you will experience a low level electric pulse similar to a TENS unit.  For the EMG portion, I will use a small needle to listen to a couple of muscles.  The gauge of the needle is similar to an acupuncture needle.  I have had the test done on myself hundreds of times.  I describe the test as annoying. When I do this test on children, they actually laugh or giggle!

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